Locatioin = interstate I480,I76,I270,I64,and 664. in Ohio, Maryland, Pennsulvaniaand,and Virginia
Unfortanitly that say is true. Esphecly fa dis situation cause this weekend was a good thing i got to go to states i've neba been too before and i got to be with friends. ANd most of all i got to be away from Sir Fuck up for the weekend and that really helped me out a wholelot and i got to get alot of shit off my chest and i was able ta get my friend somin fa his bday and some mins fa ma damn self cause i no that i need them badly LOl but ovverall my weekend was accually pretty good. erbody was singing Because I got Hi last night iin the Van (remember Sir Fuck Up was gone) man we had a ball fareal.
and i fogot to say but when we was at the mall boi there!!
there was a lot of gay and bi Nicc@z up in dare. and i had nicc@z lookin up at me and shit trin ta get me i sware to god and pplz lived at the hotel where i was stayin at to omg i would have benn so pumped wheni got back to the damn hotel room i prob woould have gotten laid like 15 different times by fifferent and would have laid there ass'z out mah damn self i probly would have had to been carried back to mah room after all that boi ARGGGGG!!!!!!!
i'm gettin hard as hell by just thinking about all dat shit OMFGB
Holla Rae