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VCU's Queer Action group is putting on a Drag Ball November 19th to benefit Fan Free's Transgender Clinic, and they're looking for more drag kings and queens to perform. The organizer has found a good amount of queens (although if you know of anyone who's really good, tell me) but only one or two kings. So if you know of anyone, or want to recommend someone you've seen perform, let me know and I'll pass the message along.

x-posted in RVA
A friend and I have rented out a 3-bed 2-bath house just off Chesapeake in Norfolk. The third person flaked out on us on Sept. 1st, the day we signed the lease. So now we have this great house but a big rent bill. We need one more renter.
The house is great- a fireplace, skylights, study "nook", front porch, off-street parking, etc. We even know the neighbors.
We're looking for a FEMALE, non-smoker with no pets. My housemate has two cats.
Any takers? Email me

Hey Everyone, I've got some stuff for sale, including a brand spanking new Dell mp3 player 20g. Check behind the cut for more. cash or money order only. i can ship if you pay for it, I live in the west end, but I can meet up with you somewhere as well.


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Has anyone used Cafepress to get tee-shirts printed? Have you ordered anything from there? How was the quality and service?

My girl and I are starting a tee-shirt line and are wondering about the best way to go about getting them produced.

Anyone have any ideas what businesses in the area would sell some edgy queer shirts?

So, I'm moving. Super exciting, right? Not if you're me. :)

I'm not going to in in Richimond exactly, but closer than I am now! So.. I've a question.. Is there anything to do in Mechanicsville? Other than wander around Wal-Mart?
ok, so I know we were discussing this before, but...now I think someone might know an actual date....
when is gay day at kings dominion?

cuz I WANNA be there. BAD!
everyones been so quiet! WHATS UP RVA!?!?!
I'm selling my Dell DJ mp3 player. There's nothing wrong with it at all, i just never use it, so i dont see the point in keeping it. $125, with nice carrying case, headphones, Dell Jukebox CD (like windows media player- allows you to upload music to the mp3 player) charger, car charger (let me find it) and even the little adapter that will let you play it in the car, even if you only have a car CD player. I'm willing to negotiate on the price, if you paid in full before Monday. I can delete all my songs, or let you look through them first. I'm also willing to download and put songs on there for you! Cash/money order only peeps.

*EDIT* This is a 20g mp3 player
I am moving to Richmond for the summer. I have never been there nor do I know anyone there. I am looking to meet some new folks and was wondering what there is to do in richmond, what kind of community is in richmond, and again, what there is to do in richmond.
I have finally gotten enough code together to publish my new website.


I have yet to get it all working and have a few things that I want to add, but it is mostly there.

I am trying to embed LJ using PHP or the javascript method but not sure what the best way about doing that is, (so iframes for now) and am looking for some examples if any of you have one.

let me know what you think