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Richmond GLBT

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This community allows members to post news and issues concerning gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered (GLBT) persons in the Richmond, VA area. The intent of this community is to act as a support group and a news source within the GLBT community. Straight allies are also welcome and encouraged to join.

Community Resources
Richmond Organization for Sexual Minority Youth (ROSMY)
ROSMY provides support and education to youth ages 14-20 through meetings and other social activities.  The group has recently seen some changes in leadership and has recently added meetings totaling to five nights per week.  Expect more activity from ROSMY in the coming months.

Richmond Triangle Players
Local theater group formed in 1993.

Richmond.com's Gay/Lesbian Guide
Provides an overview of area nightlife.

GLSEN Richmond
Richmond chapter of Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network.

Diversity Thrift
Thrift store operated under the Richmond Gay Community Foundation.  Recently opened relocated to Sherwood Avenue (off Boulevard) with plans to renovate a portion of the building into a community center.

Metropolitan Community Church
Serving Richmond's GLBT community through outreach programs and worship.

Fan Free Clinic
Local free clinic that provides an array of medical and social services to Richmonders.  Works with community through AIDS/HIV outreach and preventative education.</p>